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Individual Counseling

It’s interesting that most of us build a professional team to deal with life’s challenges. We have our car repaired by a professional. We use the expertise of a financial planner. We think nothing of employing a tutor for a child that has learning difficulties. Yet, for many of us, we “go it alone” when it comes to personal problems.

Grief & Loss Counseling

Loss is a part of life. At various times and at any age, you can grieve for a variety of reasons. Mourning a loss is normal. It is when grief debilitates, when a person feels overwhelmed and unable to cope, that loss therapy becomes necessary.

Family & Couples Counseling

Families and couples are often complex. Each family member brings to the table his or her individual temperament and personality. With emotions running as high as they do among family members, getting along can be a challenge even in the best of circumstances. Respect, understanding, and clear communication are desirable but not always possible.

Your relationships is important to you. You want things to go well. But occasionally, relationships become strained. Miscommunication and all its symptoms wreak havoc, and things become – and remain – tense. You feel misunderstood in your relationships. You’re frustrated; you’re disappointed. You feel terribly alone.

Payment & Insurance

Most people don’t realize that the majority of mental health professionals do not take insurance. Here are the main reason’s why:

  1. Therapists are hesitant to accept insurance from their patients due to the fact that any documented health treatment through insurance is required to be recorded on your permanent medical record and will not be confidential.
  2. Many therapists and mental health clinics decline the use of insurance because insurance companies typically only cover services that are declared a medical necessity. In other words, your clinician is required to diagnose you with a mental illness in order for the services to qualify for coverage.

You can still submit an insurance claim after a therapy session to see if your insurance will cover the cost.

Find Kansas City Counseling

Are you in the Overland Park, Kansas area? Are you looking for a therapist who will help you find life direction and a greater sense of peace and joy? Is there some life transition you could use help walking through? Are you feeling stuck, out of sorts, anxious or depressed? Perhaps you simply need the guidance of a therapist to help you move forward on some personal goals.

There are speedbumps in life for everyone. Occasionally, life’s challenges can feel overwhelming. No matter the cause of your setback, operating from a place of anxiety, depression or despair isn’t healthy for anyone. A trained and certified therapist will listen to your issues, give advice where needed, and help you develop coping skills that will help you walk through your setback and on to new goals.

Maybe you wish you had help for walking through grief or trauma. Whether the trauma is recent or from the past, it’s time to deal with it. Don’t let the past haunt you and rule your life. Working with a counselor you trust will make all the difference in getting through the trauma to the other side where you can restart life again with a healthy perspective.

Our Therapists Are Here for You

Don’t stay stuck in a spiral of discouragement. Take the next step to greater emotional health by reaching out to one of our premier certified therapists. Our database includes a large group of professional therapists who operate in the Overland Park and Leawood, Kansas area.

No matter how insignificant or how complex you feel your challenge is, there is a therapist that’s right for you. One of our professional therapists would love to help you make your way over the hurdles you’re currently facing.

Overland Park Counseling and Therapy helps patients to understand exactly why they are stuck in life and equips each person with the custom tools to do something about it for the sake of their own mental health and well-being. Working together with us can help you to get out of the rut, rise above the hopelessness and get through the challenges that are currently ruling over your life.

Individual, Couples or Family Therapy

There’s a therapist to suit most every need. Here at Overland Park Counseling you will find therapists who specialize in individual, couples or family counselling. Some therapists are trained in EMDR treatment for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Don’t hesitate to inquire about available treatment options.

Why not look through our listings to find the right therapist for your needs. Reaching out for help and encouragement is the right thing to do. If it weren’t true, there would be no need for therapists.

Don’t give up and quit. New hope is just a step away. If you’re looking for a professional counselor in the Overland Park, Kansas area, you’ve come to the right place. Overland Park Counseling is a top resource for finding out more about counseling and finding the best therapists in Overland Park, Kansas.

Areas of Specialty

.   Anxiety

.   Cognitive behavior therapy

.   Dealing with addictions

.   Dealing with an “empty nest”

.   Depression

.   Chronic illness or disability

.   Finding life meaning

.   Low self esteem

.   Social anxiety

.   Suicidal thoughts

.   General unhappiness

.   Grief and loss

.   Health issues

.   Lack of direction

.   Loneliness

.   Marriage issues

.   Panic attacks

.   Post-traumatic stress disorder

.   Sexuality