marriage counseling

Your relationship is very important to you. You want things to go well. But occasionally, your partnership becomes strained. Miscommunication and all its symptoms wreak havoc, and things become – and remain – tense. You feel misunderstood in your relationship. You’re frustrated; you’re disappointed. You feel terribly alone.
Or maybe you feel stalled in your partnership. There is the desire to make an increase in your commitment – by living together, possibly, or marrying, or having children – but something prevents you from reaching new levels of intimacy. Again, you feel isolated, lonely, and sometimes angry.

It is possible to improve communication in your relationship. It’s possible to resolve conflicts, to develop new understanding, to grow in intimacy as a couple. Couples counseling offers troubled partnerships the opportunity to deal with present issues while learning new skills to address future problems. I have worked with many couples of diverse lifestyles desiring a deeper emotional connection with their partners and a mutually gratifying relationship. As your couples counselor, I can help you and your partner address such issues as:

  • Fear of or Resistance to Intimacy
  • Chronic Arguing
  • Relationship Stagnation
  • Pre-marital Counseling Needs